Product description

Our direct entry hooks lock perfectly into metal peg panels. Unlike regular pegboard hooks, they do not require tilting to fit into the panel, so they save significant time and effort in merchandising and fit-out.

They also offer a far sturdier and robust fit.

Direct Entry hooks are supplied to fit metal panels with 25mm hole spacing. Solutions for other hole configurations can be supplied on request

The ticket carrier in the image is supplied separately

Direct Entry Looped / Euro Hook w/ overarm

£0.85 - £1.10 Excl. VAT

Note: This product does not include the ticket carrier. These can be purchased @

Pack Qty 100
Minimum Qty 100 units
Gauge 4.8mm


CodeLengthGaugeQty 100+Qty 1000+
DED-L-150/48-XP150mm4.8mm£0.85 each£0.80 each
DED-L-200/48-XP200mm4.8mm£0.98 each£0.89 each
DED-L-250/48-XP250mm4.8mm£1.08 each£0.98 each
DED-L-300/48-XP300mm4.8mm£1.10 each£1.00 each