N900G – Gold Embossed Linen Books

£47.50 Excl. VAT

One metre run of 26 individual books in ONE chosen colour.

Please pick the colour from the Colour Chart picture and provide us with product number when placing the order.

Other colours which might be available but are phasing out include: Marine blue, Zinc blue, Violet, Grey-blue, Copper, Salmon

Dimensions: w1000mm x h200mm x d130mm


Out of stock

This product is not currently in stock. We do often have very short lead times, so please call us to order - 020 8795 6868

Product description

All our products are highly authentic, life-size replicas of original pieces of equipment. They are either made from exactly the same materials as the originals, or from light but hard wearing material to ensure a long life.They are therefore light to handle and cheap and easy to transport.

Namron Replicas are widely used in the furniture industry to promote sales of all types of cabinet furniture as they set off your products in a totally realistic fashion and enable your customers to see them as they would appear in their own homes, without any of the associated problems of theft, damage, insurance, cost etc. when using the real items. TV screens can be customised to promote your company or your range. Namron Replicas are also widely used in show houses as well as for TV and Theatre sets.

Namron Replicas really do help to sell furniture, use them and see for yourself. Your enquiries and orders will be dealt with promptly and efficiently.